letssingaboutit ASKED:
Why do they have to throw Klaine sex on our Finchel!sex parade? I'm so tired of them! I love Kurt, and I want the best for him, but watching the promo made me lose a lot of respect for Blaine. Wasn't that little speech about "trying new things and taking risks and blahblahblah" exactly what Burt warned Kurt about in Sexy? About taking sex seriously and not throwing himself like he didn't matter? And now Blaine is like "Hey, Kurt? Why don't we go and smoke some weed and do the nasty?"

I actually agree with you. I think its far too soon for Klaine sex, to be perfectly honest, and I feel like its a part of RM’s crazy agenda more than plot these days. It feels like from the promo, and for all I know I’m wrong, Blaine is putting pressure of Kurt.

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